We have been in the business of branding since the very beginning of our careers as the Brainstorm Cafe. Since the mid-90s, Brainstorm Cafe has settled into a comfortable middle position between the branding practices of technology of the “now” and the tried-and-true-while-affordable practices that continue to work while being lower priced than they were before. Logo design was the first service offered to clients in those days. Soon after, it was business card printing, T-shirt and merchandise printing, signs and others. We also educated clients on the “peripherals” of business branding: having high quality pictures for cabin rentals so that customers could gauge you as paying attention to details, making websites faster and user-friendly so they could get the information they wanted sooner instead of giving up and going somewhere else, consultation on trends that we felt was worthwhile for their business development and what still hadn’t hit the Smoky Mountain area.

We still do many of these things today because many of them are still tried-and-true and more affordable and accessible than they were a decade or two ago, but as technology and especially the virtual world continue to completely reshape the business-verse. Today’s marketing calls for more than a logo to brand your business – it calls for a strategy in getting your name and business identity (those aren’t always the same things) out as far as it can go and then having a maintenance plan in place to keep that identity consist in the eyes of potential customers, guests and clients.

Brand marketing begins, at least, with the logo and with Brainstorm Cafe’s branding services, we will use social platforms and any other available tools to teach people what identifies your business as special. If you are still developing your brand, we can help.

Some of the many design services we can provide are:

  • Logo Design | Ad Layout and Design | Rack Cards and Brochure Designs
  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Platform Graphics to carry your brand
  • Collateral Materials | Letterhead | Business Cards | Flyers | Presentations
  • Tshirt Design | Poster Design | Event Graphics and more.
  • What type of artwork do you need? Talk with us we have inhouse art design.

Our service areas as of late 2023 include:

  • The Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.
  • Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Branson, Missouri.
  • Springfield, Missouri.
  • And areas adjacent to them.