What is marketing without creativity? It’s like an object with only one side – you can’t imagine it existing in this world. Despite the industry’s reliance on data and objective observation in order to form foundations for a marketing strategy, marketing is more art than science. The people you’re trying to get to see your business, product or service is called an “audience” for a reason; you have to treat them like human beings with brains and appreciation for thoughtful expression in order to engage with them who made the effort to come to the theater and give you their attention when they probably have other things they’d rather give attention to. They’re not numbers on a sheet, they’re complex beings for which making a sale or getting them to remember you when their needs match your supply has no definitive guaranteed way of working without the artistic spirit inherent in creativity. This opening paragraph is itself an expression of creativity as I work to do something different than what I’ve seen most marketing agencies do and talk first about what marketing requires and then going meta with this sentence in the hopes I’ve engaged with your and the top of your intellect before trying to sell you our services in less-wordy paragraphs.

Will it work? Let’s continue and find out!

Often a client will come to us with a goal, an event, an idea or something even less organized and tangible than that and they seek the path to making what they are dreaming of come to fruition. In our decades of experience, we’ve found the best way to try to forge these elements, ideas or problems into action and solutions is with blocking time on Creative Agency Time. This is agency time where we can sit down with the client and brainstorm up some ideas or talk about whatever you’d like to talk about with regards to your business, away from the pressures of a formalized business meeting at your office (which we could also accommodate if that is your preference). It’s where we got our name from: Brainstorming up stuff with a coziness similar to a Cafe.

We can also meet you at a real cafe in town if you’d like. 🙂

After a Free Initial Consultation where goals are identified, we can help to lay out the path before you with variable creative means as you’re comfortable with. We would estimate a couple hours of agency time to create an action plan with ideas as well as what it would take to enact those ideas for the goals or an upcoming event you have in mind.

In What Ways Can We Get Creative?

Creative might be design and artwork for a unique band poster or cover art for a vinyl LP using either Canva for professional art resources and tools or designed by our in-house professional graphic designer. We do not use AI for professional art.

Creative might be blog work to fill out or enhance a website, social media page or more; either collected, sourced and cited from reputable websites or researched and written by our in-house professional blogger. We do not use AI for professional writing.

Creative might be finding ways to improve search engine results for your online presence and find the tools necessary to implement those improvements to your SEO. We would not use AI here unless AI becomes reliable for researching trending data; as of today, we feel it is not reliable for that.

Creative might be a review of your full internet program once we hear your goals and make recommendations after a free consultation about how we might work to change directions or rebrand areas that you want to reinvent. AI tools may be useful for conducting reviews and scans for weaknesses in or problems with online presence, but these would be features inherent to the tools we use already, such as WordPress, WooCommerce and All-In-One SEO.

Creative means we don’t know yet: sometimes all we can do to be creative is to start coming up with things whether we have the necessary resources and info yet or not. Research sometimes requires creativity itself to implement. Once we listen to your goals, we present ideas to achieve the goals with the path to reach them. We are going to put our team’s creative minds to work and talents to combine to make it happen!

We charge a simple agency rate of $85.00 per hour that may be purchased ala carte or in groups of hours. Agency time can also be made available on a monthly basis – 1 hour of agency time or monthly. See what we can do at this rate for your small business. Start at any level and grow.

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Our Service Areas Include:

  • Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.
  • Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Branson, Missouri.
  • Springfield, Missouri.
  • Areas adjacent there-in.